These chat groups, especially the Romance & Relationship ones, can be very provocative with sexual innuendos and profanity. Most of the groups are similar to ones found on Google Groups where members can post questions on any number of topics and talk with people who share the same interests. As shown above, the number of active groups on MySpace is staggering and growing at a phenomenal rate along with the rest of MySpace.

Chat Group List (as of 4/12/06)

Activities (32713 groups)
Automotive (27754 groups)
Business & Entrepreneurs (7583 groups)
Cities & Neighborhoods (19076 groups)
Companies / Co-workers (19942 groups)
Computers & Internet (8329 groups)
Countries & Regional (7936 groups)
Cultures & Community (36654 groups)
Entertainment (67226 groups)
Family & Home (17376 groups)
Fan Clubs (117936 groups)
Fashion & Style (33582 groups)
Film & Television (28880 groups)
Food, Drink & Wine (24653 groups)
Games (28686 groups)
Gay, Lesbian & Bi (23171 groups)
Government & Politics (15631 groups)
Health, Wellness, Fitness (11008 groups)
Hobbies & Crafts (14888 groups)
Literature & Arts (16649 groups)
Money & Investing (4212 groups)
Music (192894 groups)
Nightlife & Clubs (35618 groups)
Non-Profit & Philanthropic (10274 groups)
Other (1154701 groups)
Pets & Animals (21132 groups)
Places & Travel (10744 groups)
Professional Organizations (25204 groups)
Recreation & Sports (75802 groups)
Religion & Beliefs (60169 groups)
Romance & Relationships (47178 groups)
Schools & Alumni (107968 groups)
Science & History (5650 groups)
Sorority/Fraternities (19734 groups)

Information on Music, Film, Videos, Classified Ads

Because has exploded in popularity, many bands, individual artists, celebrities, and others have created pages to connect with their fans, introduce themselves to a new audience, and promote their current music, film, video, and more.

Some recognizable artists such as the Pussycat Dolls, Rascal Flatts, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and the Black Eyed Peas all maintain MySpace pages to talk with fans and promote themselves. Most relatively unknown artists also see MySpace as a great way to create a fan base.

MySpace provides the perfect outlet for artists to connect with fans, increase their exposure, and ultimately promote their new film, video, music, or other project.