If talking to your child and monitoring their activities on MySpace is not enough, then you may want to consider restricting access to MySpace. Be warned, however, kids will be kids and many of them will go to a friends house or gain access another way if you decide to prevent access to MySpace from your home.

Using a Hosts file

To block MySpace.com follow these steps to add it to the computers hosts file.

1) Click on Start, Run
2) Type in the following command and press Enter

For Windows XP/Vista/Win 7


For Windows 2000 type:

For Windows 98/ME type:

For Mac OS 9: look in System Folder:Preferences for the Hosts file and use a text editor to add the additional lines.

For Mac OSX: look for the hosts file in /etc/hosts

3) Notepad should open with a text file that looks something like this: localhost

4) Add the following lines to the hosts file so the host file looks like the following: localhost myspace.com www.myspace.com addressbook.myspace.com blog.myspace.com browseusers.myspace.com bulletin.myspace.com collect.myspace.com events.myspace.com favorites.myspace.com forum.myspace.com groups.myspace.com home.myspace.com invite.myspace.com mail.myspace.com music.myspace.com musicsearch.myspace.com profile.myspace.com profiles.myspace.com search.myspace.com signup.myspace.com topartists.myspace.com vids.myspace.com videos.myspace.com viewmorepics.myspace.com

5) Click on File and Save to save the new hosts file

6) Now try to go to http://www.myspace.com and see what happens

Host files are only one way to try to block access to myspace.com or other objectionable web sites, but are they really the answer?

Because host files can only block sites based on domain names, they don’t block access to pure IP addresses. For instance, if you block myspace.com and www.myspace.com in your hosts file your teen could still access it by typing IP address of MySpace.com into the address bar of the browser:

All domain names resolve to an IP address located on a server where the particular domain is hosted. So typing in the IP address of the site is the same as typing in the domain name.

This brings us to the next way to prevent access to MySpace.com or other sites: parental filtering software.