You may change your name, age, and/or add to the information on your Profile through “Edit Profile.” Start by clicking on “Home” in the top navigation menu from any MySpace web page. Once on your personal home page, click on “Edit Profile,” appearing in the upper left portion of the page, next to your picture. You will be taken to your “Edit Profile” page where you may edit or add information from the following categories: name, age, city, state, zip, ethnicity, body type, reason you’re on MySpace, who you are looking for, your headline, about you, interests, background, lifestyle, schools you’ve attended and companies for whom you have worked.


Don’t Include Personal Info in the Form of Surveys or Questionnaires

Although filling out a questionnaire or survey online and posting it in your MySpace profile may seem like a good way to get to know other teens. It’s not the most private way of exchanging info. Answers to these seemingly harmless questions can provide a predator just the information they need to make contact, befriend, and ultimately meet their victim.

Unless you know the person, don’t exchange such private information with them, even through IM, email, or telephone.

Blocking a User

To block a user follow this step:

You will need to visit that user’s profile and click ‘Block User’. This is found in the Contact box.


Remember: Blocked users can still view your profile, but they cannot send you a message or communicate with you. There is no way to prevent someone from seeing your profile.

Reporting Inappropriate Content

If there is something on the profile itself that is inappropriate, look at the bottom of the profile and click on the link ‘Report Inappropriate Content’. If the content is an image uploaded to the user’s image gallery, click on the ‘Report this Image’ link that is under the image.