Rather than judge MySpace.com now as either bad or good, it is best to simply accept the fact that it exists and you need to deal with it.
There are some very good things about MySpace. It allows kids to communicate with their peers. Maybe even more importantly, it allows them a creative outlet. They can show off their art, their writing. It is a creative outlet that many schools don’t really give them.

Since they are in complete control of their space, they have total creative control of an illustrated publication and recognition from their peers. For many kids, it is the very first time they have experienced this sort of recognition of their talents.

So I guarantee, if you go to war with your kids over MySpace.com – you will most likely lose.

Which is why we show you how to talk to your kids intelligently about MySpace or other similar sites and explain the dangers to them. Kids don’t want to put themselves in jeopardy. Most don’t realize that some of the stuff they put up on MySpace can be used to locate them and hurt them or loved ones.

The MySpace Questions Your Kids Should NEVER Answer

We don’t just give you vague generalities about how the kids can protect their identities on MySpace.com. We give you the nitty gritty details. You will know the exact questions MySpace asks that your kids should never answer. If they have already, we will show you exactly how they can go into MySpace and delete their answers.

As paid online researchers we know how seemingly innocuous questions can lead directly to a person’s identity. One girl recently stalked on MySpace, simply mentioned where she worked. This, and a facial photo, were all the stalker needed.

We Will Show You How Your Kids Can Use These Sites Safely

There are ways to use MySpace.com and remain safe and private. However, if your children answer the questions the way they are laid out when they join, and most do – they reveal too much about themselves for safety.

We will show you exactly how MySpace.com works, what questions your kids are asked, what type of social groups exist on MySpace.com and point out the things that will compromise your kids safety.

We explain in detail exactly what questions they can safely answer and which they should avoid like the plague. In effect, we show everyone how to use the good parts of MySpace AND protect themselves and their privacy.