Are your kids passing out keys to your home – to strangers? As implausible as this may sound, it possibly could happen through their membership in a special internet site spreading like a wildfire. Its name is, currently with over 50 million members, growing steadily, and with copycat sites popping up as well. You need to know everything about it – what to do about it – and right now!

What is The Attraction of This Phenomena? is showing up in the news almost daily now. Starting off as a social meeting place for young adults to meet independent bands, it has mushroomed into an irresistible, free membership site where kids can easily meet new people, chat with friends, exchange gossip, pictures and more, in their personal blog (online journal). Since it’s totally a young folks “hang out”, many feel okay about not letting their parents know anything about it (they can express all kinds of thoughts online) – and to add to the problems that can develop, kids may claim they are any age, although they are supposed to be 14 or older to join, there are lots of younger children on it too. Odds are that your children are already members or contemplating the exciting experience since everyone else is doing it.

The Big Danger! – How Easily Members and Families Can Be Located and Contacted

Although MySpace does their best to monitor 50+ million sites and remove inappropriate material, it’s easy to browse bios and find risqué pictures, comments, and personal information on local teens or anyone else who has created a page.

MySpace is very easy to search. The browse function allows anyone – even non members – to locate all males, females or anyone in a zip code. You can even limit the search by age, school attended, and much more!

Perfect for Predators is a perfect site for sexual predators and pedophiles to browse and locate their next target.

Not only do they usually get zip code and school info, but in most cases they get a photo of the member! As if that isn’t scary enough, they also get in many cases a detailed profile of your child’s tastes, likes, dislikes, hopes, dreams, fantasies and fears. uses a lengthy questionnaire to create a very detailed profile, with enough questions to reveal volumes of personal tastes and preferences of anyone.

Your children may have posted not only their photos and location, but even their inner secrets online!

The photos, detailed profiles and blogs makes like a candy store for sexual predators to scan and search.

Don’t blame the kids! They simply follow along with the way the site leads them, through the registration process, and soon there is more personal info than should be up for safety.

You may be saying… “I would know if MY kids are on I know more about computers then they do.”

Think so? Our experience in tech support has shown the opposite to be true. It’s a tech support truism that many times the easiest way to solve the customer’s problem is to get their kid on the phone.

Let’s face it, if you are like most parents, you are WAY out gunned in this technology and Internet game. Young adults LIVE online. They can create dozens of email addresses and create multiple identities online. If they can’t access MySpace from their home – they have lots of friends who will gladly loan them their computer. profiles are very personal, it may be the last thing they want their parents to see.

This is why this report is so valuable to you. We will show you in simple layman’s terms how to know if your kids are on, how to locate and see their sites, and how to protect them.

Why don’t I just block access to from our computers. That will solve the problem – right?

In a word – No! To be able to block from all your computers is possible, but there are several backdoors that kids know about and use regularly to get around the blocks. They know how to get to without even typing the name myspace into a browser. There are ways to do this, and kids show each other the tricks of the trade.

To be able to effectively block can be done, but it would take an expert in hacking and viruses to tell you accurately what tools can really block from a determined kid. Mark Hasting (one of the authors of this report) is a world renowned expert in viruses and computers. He runs and creates all the virus solutions at where over 10,000 people daily go to benefit from his detailed solutions to their computer problems.