Setting Your Profile to Private
According to MySpace, the option to set your profile to private is only for younger users under 16 years of age. However there are other privacy options that can help in protecting your identity.

Changing Your Privacy Settings
To change your privacy settings, log into, click on Account Settings, and then click on “Change Settings” next to Privacy Settings. The following privacy settings can be changed:

• Check “Require email or last name to add me as a friend” if you want other users to be required to know your email address or your last name in order to send you an add friend request.
(this prevents people who don’t know you from trying to add you as a friend).

• Check “Approve Comments before Posting” if you want to review comments to your profile and journals before they are posted. Comments will NOT appear unless and until you approve them.
(users on will sometimes leave nasty comments, this option will let you review and approve those comments before they are seen by others)

• Check “Hide Online Now” to make your online status invisible to other users.
(this privacy setting allow you to remain anonymous while surfing, making your presence invisible to other users so they don’t contact you while online, if you just want to browse and no be bothered by others, this is a good choice)

• Check “Show My Birthday to my Friends” to alert your friends when your birthday is near.

• Check “No Pic Forwarding” to prevent other users from emailing links to your images from the site.
(this keeps your images on your profile private and won’t allow others to send them across the Internet)

• Check “Friend Only Journal Comments” to allow only your friends to post comments on your blog entries.

• Check “Block Friend Request From Bands” to block unwanted friend request from bands. (Because started as a way for musical groups to interact with fans, this option will stop those groups from contacting you)


Changing Your IM Privacy Settings

IM or instant messaging in MySpace is similar to other instant messaging programs used on a computer such as ICQ, Yahoo Messenger, and MSN Messenger. The IM or instant messaging settings can be changed as well. As long as you have checked the Hide Online Now from the privacy setting page, the following options can be set.

• Check “No one can IM me” if you want to prevent anyone from sending you an IM request.• Check “Only Friends can IM me” if you want to prevent anyone that is not your friend from sending you an IM request.• Check “Anyone can IM me” if you want to allow any user to IM you.