First, you will be able to search for your children on We will show you easily and exactly how you can locate your children’s profiles. Kids are very clever. We show you many different ways to locate their profile. You will know how to find their site even if they are using a phony name or an email address you don’t know about.

If your kids already are on we show you exactly how they can remove compromising information and what information they should remove.

If you decide that you don’t want your children on MySpace, we will show you insider tricks and programs that can make it impossible for your kids to even reach MySpace from any of the computers you have, no matter how hard they try. We will tell you the pros and cons of that approach.

How Do I Know This Information is Current and Up to Date?

This is a very good question. Most available information of this type is out of date. Everything on the Internet changes so fast that only the most current information is of any real value.

This report was created in May 2006, but updated in August 2011 with current statistics, so it is by far the most up to date report on this subject. Even better, we will give you the URL to a special page for buyers. This page will contain any updated information, such as newly released programs and methods of blocking MySpace from your computers.

With the addition of  MySpace Mobile, now your kids can read and reply to mail, post bulletins and send pictures from their cell phones to their MySpace account.

Bottom line, now your children don’t even need a computer to access MySpace! You need weapons to fight back! – More Knowledge Will Provide Help.

About the Authors

Mark Hasting and Ed Osworth have over 50 years combined computer experience and 32+ years of internet experience. We are both well known web experts. Mark has 9 years of customer support services for a major internet service provider. We are both paid researchers in our fields, and we can find anything, anywhere about the workings of the internet. We put our heads together to come up with the easiest, most detailed, step-by-step instructions that any parent can use to locate their children’s profiles – even if the child has taken extensive steps to hide their activity from their parents.