Does your child have a page on MySpace? If so, do you know what it contains, what pictures and comments are there, and what information your child is putting on the Internet for anyone to find?

Follow these simple steps to go to and search for your child

1. Open Internet Explorer and type into the address bar the following URL


2. Click on the Search option in the top menu

Locate the “Find A Friend” search box and enter your child’s email address or name and click Find. Depending on how private your child’s profile is, you may have to browse through your particular zip code instead, and in some cases you may have to join MySpace to search for a particular profile.


If you don’t find your children’s profile using this method – go to the advanced methods shown below. Many children use free email addresses you don’t know and many also use fake names.

The Search results should have your child’s picture (if they posted one online) and some basic information about them.

3. Click on the View Profile link to view your child’s website and see what your son or daughter has posted about themselves including what friends they have placed on their accepted list or what comments people have left on their site.