Now that you’ve seen your child’s space on, read through it and see what personal information they are allowing anyone to view. Ask yourself if it would be easy to locate your child with this information. Look for facial photo, school name, teams, work, favorite hang outs, physical description, clubs, associations, car driven etc… Any of this stuff, especially with a photo, can be used to locate someone.

The search features of MySpace allow anyone to quickly search by gender, age, marital status, location, body type, education, religion, income, and more. All of this information provides someone enough info to quickly search and find anyone in the MySpace directory and contact them.

MySpace Bio Pages and Information Included on Them

Included on a typical MySpace profile is personal information including name, age, sex, hometown, general interests, pictures, and comments from other users.

Fortunately most adults understand that certain information should be kept private, however the same isn’t true when it comes to teenagers.


When teens use MySpace they begin to think that its only themselves and their friends on the site, so they share a lot of personal information to get to know each other better.

Because the bio pages can be customized with HTML (web browser) commands, people will add music, pictures, personal surveys, and much more to their sites. This information can be used not only by predators, but also hiring managers, law enforcement, or anyone else wanting to know more about a particular person on MySpace. Be sure your kids are aware of this.

Because it’s interactive and very current, journalists and marketing experts even use MySpace to research new trends or discover the latest gossip and news.

Other sites such as and others allow users of MySpace and other blog-like sites to customize their page to fit their personality or add surveys to tell visitors more about themselves.

Anyone can create a profile. Once a profile has been added, its easy to search the site for people even providing searches within so many miles of a certain zip code.

This makes a very popular site for teens to find and meet other teens in their area. Most of these teens are pretty cautious when meeting a stranger, but they tend to let their guard down if they have been talking to someone online for quite awhile and feel comfortable with that person.