Using HTML/CSS and Other Tricks to Hide Information

Since the profiles on are HTML pages and can be altered to customize them, they can also be altered to hide information. CSS or Cascading Style Sheets are lines of computer code telling the web browser how to display the particular page. These codes can alter the information shown in a profile. offers CSS suggestions for the following:

Hide the “Add Comment” Link
Hide “Age, Sex, Location” info
Hide Blogs
Hide Comments
Hide Contact Table
Hide Details
Hide Friends
Hide General Info
Hide Last Login
Hide Links
Hide Search Form
Hide Top/Bottom Links

There are Ways around Hidden Objects

Unfortunately, the reality is since there is a way to hide items using CSS, then there is a way to show that information even when individuals have hidden it.

The procedure to do this is: View a profile, write down the number at the end of the “FriendID” in the address bar

This number can then be put into the various addresses for the comments page and friends pages:

For comments:

eg: 72513167

For blogs:

eg: 72513167

For friends lists:

eg: 72513167

For this reason, I don’t recommend using CSS or another way to simply hide information. The only way to be safe is to remove inappropriate information from the profile completely.