As implausible as this may sound, it possibly could happen through their membership in a special internet site spreading like a wildfire.Your children’s location, personal photos, and psychological profile might be up on the Internet for all the world to see and use as they currently boasts over 50 million members, growing steadily, and with copycat sites popping up as well. You need to know everything about it – what to do about it – and right now! is designed specifically to capture as many members in the 16-21 year old group. MySpace has done a great job of becoming the “must do” thing for every teenager in America.

Your child’s profile is very likely there – right now!

If you are like 98% of parents, you are unaware of how elusive your child’s’ safety and your whole family’s privacy is right this minute.

Before you shrug this off as far fetched, realize that at its peak was the 5th most visited site online. Before it was THE place online to meet, chat, share pictures, and more. Its still in the top 100, 

It is a safe bet that your teenage kid is one of the 50 million members on

Starting off as a social meeting place for young adults to meet independent bands, it has mushroomed into an irresistible, free membership site where kids can easily meet new people, chat with friends, exchange gossip, pictures and more, with the entire world.

The Big Danger is How Easily Members and Families 
Can Be Located and Contacted

Although MySpace does their best to monitor 50+ million sites and remove inappropriate material, it’s easy to browse your child’s personal biography and find sexy pictures, comments, and personal information on local teens or anyone else who has created a page.

MySpace is very easy to search. The browse function allows anyone – even non members – to locate all males, females or anyone in a zip code. You can even limit the search by age, school attended, and much more!

It’s Perfect for All Sorts of Bad Guys from Sexual Predators to Identity Thieves


It is bad enough that burglars and identity thieves can use it to get specifics about your location, possessions and personal identity.

What is staggeringly frightening is that is a perfect site for sexual predators and pedophiles to browse and locate their next target. Not only do they usually get zip code and school info, but in most cases they get a photo of the member! As if that isn’t scary enough, they also get in many cases a detailed profile of your child’s tastes, likes, dislikes, hopes, dreams, fantasies and fears.

Do You Want a Creep Reading A Detailed Profile of Your Precious Children? uses a lengthy questionnaire to create a very detailed profile, with questions that reveal volumes of personal tastes and preferences of anyone.

It makes it like a candy store full of young adult profiles for some in our society.

But you reached the right page and you can take control of this situation TODAY – here and now

With MySpace Mobile – Now your kids can read and reply to mail, post bulletins and send pictures from their cell phones to their MySpace account anytime,anywhere. Now your children don’t even need a computer to access MySpace!

Let’s face it, most parents are out gunned in this game. Young adults LIVE online. They can create dozens of email addresses. If they can’t access myspace from their home – they have lots of friends who will gladly loan them their computer. can now even be accessed by cell phone! Because MySpace sites are very personal – it is the last thing they may want the dreaded parents to see.

You need weapons to fight back! – The Knowledge In the Report Will Provide Help.


How you can locate your children’s profiles in under 10 minutes, even if they are using a phony name and email.

We show you many different ways to locate their profile as kids a very clever -– If they are using a phony name or an email address you are unaware of you will find them.

How to Make it Impossible for Your Kids to Even Access from Any Computer In Your House.

And tell you the pros and cons of that approach.

How To Remove Any Information From Myspace Profiles

How Your Kids Can Use AND Remain Safe from Predators and Identity Thieves.

There are ways to use and remain safe and private. But if your children answer the questions the way they are laid out when they join, and most do – they reveal too much about themselves for safety.

We explain in detail exactly what questions they can safely answer and which they should avoid like the plague. In effect we show you and them how to use the good parts of MySpace AND protect themselves and their privacy.

  • What Exactly To Look For To See If Your Kids are Putting Themselves In Danger Online
  • How to Understand The Popularity of MySpace (Both the Good and The Bad Side)
  • How To Explore the Various Areas of MySpace and What They Are About
  • How To Locate Your Children on Other “Socializing” Sites
  • How to Create Your Own MySpace Profile Without Giving ANY Personal Information
  • Which Software Can Help with The Problem
  • Why “Going to War” With Your Kids Over May Be A Very Bad Approach.
  • How to Talk Honestly and Openly with Your Kids about MySpace so they will actually listen to you and keep themselves safe on any socializing site.
  • Alternatives to

About the Authors

Mark Hasting and Ed Osworth have over 50 years combined computer experience and 32+ years of internet experience. We are both well known web experts. Mark has 9 years of customer support services for a major internet service provider and has 3 young adults and a couple grandchildren. We are both paid researchers in our fields, and we can find anything, anywhere about the workings of the internet. We put our heads together to come up with the easiest, most detailed, step-by-step instructions that any parent can use to locate their children’s profiles – even if the child has taken extensive steps to hide their activity from their parents.

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